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Take a little slice of my life. You won't be sorry.
Sometimes, you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself.
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I can definitely do this.

I’ve met so many great people so far, and I’m only at Spain. I have to make this quick, but if anyone had any qualms or reservations regarding traveling alone, I say go for it. You don’t want to be 30 and seeing your 20’s flash before your eyes, right? Your life here is short and fleeting, so why not make the most of it? Seriously. Do it. Go out there, because the world is your oyster. Seize it. Seize that fuckin’ moment and get going with your life.

Anywho, I must go. Until next time!


I hate it when you really need to talk to a friend about something important because you feel like your world is crashing down on you but they act like you don’t exist until their problems occur.

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this experiment broke my heart 

This whole video killed me

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Can’t wait for my adventure to begin ! =]


don’t shit on people for having self confidence and being happy with their appearance like how bitter are you

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Orbital Mechanics by Tatiana Plakhova 

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